Best betting apps with cash out in Kenya

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N1 Bet

For sure there is a beauty in visiting the betting shop with your friends, watching games together and making a punt of two. But is it still the best way to bet on sports, and football in particular?

Not really, and the reasons are a plenty. With the accessibility to modern smartphone devices, and with the online payments systems like M-Pesa taking hold in Kenya. It is fast, it is safe, and it will allow you to enjoy the sports you love even more.

Of course, things are not that simple. In order to spend your hard-earned shillings wisely, you need to find a trustworthy betting app in Kenya.

As you probably already know, not one betting app is the same as the other – apart from the sheer number of markets and games, they vary wildly by the download process, payment methods and bonuses for Kenyan players.

But if you’re looking for a safe one, you have found just the right place – on this website, we will provide the honest reviews of all the most popular bookmakers so that you can determine if they are worth your time and money.

And because we know that time is actually money, let’s get right into it.

How to find a sports betting app

Even if you are just a newbie when it comes to sports bets or online casinos, you must have seen betting shops all around Nairobi, Mombasa and other cities – or encountered a banner on some website.

You’ve heard people, especially sports fans, or your friends who follow the Premier League or Kenyan footballers abroad, talk about Betika, Mozzart, Melbet or 22Bet, but you’re still not sure what it all means.

Well, if you are wondering how to start, and how to pick the betting app with cash out or a casino website that is just right for you, look no more – we will compare all those websites and apps, and tell you all about their offers and what they bring to the table to Kenyan players.

Our only goal is for you to find a legal, reliable and safe bookmaker, and for you to quickly learn how to bet on the go, using just your mobile phone. As you will see, this makes the sports more fun and will open up a whole new world on the tip of your finger.

In this article, as well as in our other thorough reviews, we will show you how the process of downloading looks like. We will tell you all about the registration process and help you make your first deposit and place your first wager – and yes, it can be done in just a few minutes.

Furthermore, we will keep you updated on all those juicy bonuses that Kenyan customers can claim just by signing up. Apart from a welcome bonus, every sport betting app in Kenya will have more exclusive offers for players – and we will make sure you understand what they are all about.

So, yes, sorry about before, we do have another goal – it is to find the best one.

What exactly is a betting app with cash out – and should you get one?

No, you do not have to travel for several kilometers just to place a bet or spin some slots in the casino. Moreover, you do not even need to use a desktop or a laptop computer anymore.

You can just pick up your phone (Android and iPhone will both work) and register on a bookmakers’ website or a dedicated betting app.

In order to get you started, we have collected the most important features that a good online betting app needs to have. These usually make a difference between a good and a great application.

  • Sportsbook: Do you like to place just a single wager or you are confident you can predict all the results in a league? Do you like to bet live, on the matches that have already started? These are some of the things to consider when picking a betting app for your phone.
  • Which sports and markets does an app have? That is one of the most important questions to ask. Yes, we Kenyans are crazy about football, but how about betting on athletics, like IAAF World Championship? Or basketball, which is gaining popularity throughout Africa?
  • Live streams: What do you think about having a TV in your pocket? Top betting app in Kenya will have many games available on live streams, with live commentary and statistics included.
  • Get notified: While most of the notifications may annoy you, with the leading betting apps, you can decide which push notifications to receive. This way you can follow your bet slip and check out the results of the matches you’ve bet on.
  • Get better at betting by using statistics: If you need help making an accumulator, you can check out the detailed statistics for every match in most of the good apps.
  • Are you into casino? Then look for the online betting apps with a real cash out with casino games and various slots. There is usually a “demo mode”, which means you can try a casino game out before you spend any shillings.
  • Virtual sports and esports: If you are a member of a younger generation, you probably watch esports, or you might be a gamer yourself. Whatever the case, there are apps for Android and iOS with the most popular esports on offer, like League of Legends, Overwatch or Call of Duty.
  • Signing up and logging in: In order to open a new account in Kenyan betting apps, you will usually need just a working mobile phone number. And make sure you can login fast, because those live bets cannot wait!
  • Payment options: Do you use credit card? Are you on M-Pesa? Do you wish you could invest some cryptocurrencies and multiply them with a successful bet? One of the most important features for a genuine betting app is the ability to deposit and withdraw money in more ways than one.
  • It’s all about the bonuses: Once you get the gist of it, claiming bonuses and special offers will be your number one incentive of trying out new apps. You don’t have to read the fine print, as we will do that instead.
  • License information: All the bookmakers operating in Kenya must possess a valid license by BCLB (Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya). All the apps that we will cover have been tested for safety and security, and we will tell you all about the laws in the country, as there is nothing better than secure and responsible gaming.

What is the difference between a mobile app and a betting website

Before the dedicated betting apps, there were websites – first on a desktop computer and then later mobile-friendly.

There are some bookmakers’ websites in Kenya that work just great on a mobile phone. So great, in fact, that you might ask yourself if you need the mobile app at all. These websites are lightning quick, responsive and look great on every screen.

But still there are numerous advantages of downloading a betting app and using it instead.

To begin with, they are by far more secure. Even if your phone is stolen or you lose it, no one will be able to unlock it and to access your account – especially if you follow our instructions to verify and keep your account safe.

They are also easier and faster to use. Once you pick up your phone, you’ll be able to see what’s on offer and place a bet in a matter of seconds. Contrary to that, you would need to login to a mobile website every time, which will take up those precious few moments. And if you’re a sports fan, you know that A LOT can happen in just a few moments.

Furthermore, we did say that there are some online betting mobile websites that look and feel good, but not all of them are actually that great.

Therefore, the app is, in our humble opinion, much better than a mobile site. And you can see that for yourself too, not just by looking at our guide – but also by downloading and installing one of the leading betting apps with cash out in Kenya.

Just to sum it up, here are the differences between mobile apps and betting websites.

Feature Betting app Betting website on a desktop computer
Speed You will be able to login faster, as the application remembers the credentials. Depositing money is also much quicker You will need to login every time you close and then open your browser, which takes a bit too long
Security The best betting apps will allow you to secure your account with 2-step verifications and one-time-passwords. Plus, there is always a fingerprint or a Face ID on newer smartphone models Whatever precautions you take, there are always greater risks of hackers and scammers getting their way
Updates Seen a bug or something else that bothers you in the app? You can leave a review or contact the developer and they will probably take care of it Sometimes the mobile websites are too bloated, and if your phone does not have too much memory, they can be a proper pain in the butt
Interface and user experience A good betting app will allow you to personalize it, either by choosing your favourite competitions or adding shortcuts or notifications What you see is what you get – and that is not particularly a great thing

Pros and cons

By now you have probably already realized that betting apps are a completely different story when compared to traditional betting, especially the one that includes visiting the shops.

Here are the main features that will help you make this distinction, and hopefully go mobile once and for all:

  • Bet on the go: As long as you have a working mobile phone and a decent stable connection, you can place bets, follow results and even watch live games.
  • Installation is a piece of cake: There will be no complicated installation guides or YouTube tutorials – download and installation is very easy. But if you ever get stuck, you can count on us!
  • No lies, no mistakes: Sure, there is something nostalgic about those old and crowded betting shops. But if you are really into bets, and if you truly want to make some money from it, you’d be better off with a dedicated betting app with trustworthy cash out that includes statistics, scores and absolutely zero chance of an operator making a mistake.
  • User experience: Like we already mentioned, there are quality-of-life improvements to the mobile and (especially) the desktop versions. If your device can run it – and you will have that information, too – then it will run well.

If you are still on the fence, here is a table with a list of positive and negative aspects of betting apps.

Pros Cons
You can bet wherever and whenever… … provided you have at least a stable internet connection
They are very user-friendly and the design works great It’s every app for itself! Which means you sometimes have to dig deep in order to find the right one
Personalization options are a plenty Customer support could frankly be better for some apps
Easy deposit using M-Pesa, but also some other methods Special offers and bonuses have a wagering requirement
Much safer than all the other versions
Customer support is just one click away

How do we choose the app: A guide to honest reviews

Sports are competitive – and so is the field of sports betting apps. Many major companies, from United Kingdom to Serbia, are vying to register in Kenya, get the license and start attracting users.

This means that there is a myriad of juicy betting apk to choose from – and seeing as we wish to be completely sincere, that also means that some variants are better than others.

There is a multitude of factors that we take into account before recommending an app. We comb every betting platform for many days in order to establish what is good about it, and what it is perhaps lacking.

Here are some major things that determine our final score when it comes to Kenyan sports betting apk:

  • The platform: Does it have an Android APK only? Or is it for iOS, too? We like the bookmakers that pay attention to all the users, whether they are using an Apple device or the one with Google’s operating system. Not only that – we like the bookmakers that make the installation easy as ABC.
  • Sports and competitions: Every app will have a football selection, for example, but how far does it go? Do you get some special bets and markets? Can you bet outright on the winner of Kenyan Premier League? Can you place a wager that Gor Mahia’s player will see red in the first half? All of this counts when it comes to a good betting sportsbook.
  • Making a bet slip: How hard is it for a newbie to place their first bet? Are the accumulators (or multi bets) explained nicely? How many times do you have to tap on the screen in order to make a wager? These are very important things for customers – and so they are important to us.
  • Casino games: Sometimes even the biggest sports fans like to spin some roulette. Can you do that easily from the app? Or do you need to have two separate accounts? These are the points of interest.
  • Odds, odds, and then some more odds: Yes, odds vary. And they vary wildly. We’d like to find a bookmaker that is not afraid to offer special odds for major games. He who dares wins, right?
  • Bet builders are all the rage recently, and rightly so. It’s amazing that you can make a multi bet on just one game, with many different markets and events. Therefore, every app with a bet builder gets a top rating from us.
  • Fantasy football is all the rage, and now you can not only boast your knowledge in front of your friends – you can make some money off it. Best betting apps will have a Fantasy Premier League special, or even offer some other competitions.
  • Welcome bonus: Some of the leading Kenyan betting apps just don’t have a welcome bonus, while some others will have too steep requirements for wagering – i.e., withdrawing the bonus money.
  • Special offers for Kenyan players: It doesn’t hurt to be a little patriotic, and we really appreciate the apps that have bonuses if you make deposits in KSH.
  • Live games, live streams: There are betting platforms that will make you forget about that television set. The more matches shown live, the better.
  • Design and interface: Some of the apps will look just like a mobile version of the betting website, while others will visibly be an improvement over somewhat tedious mobile design. You should definitely pick an app that is user-friendly.
  • Payment methods: How many different ways are there for topping up your account? Do they accept cryptocurrencies? What about e-wallets? Or just M-Pesa?
  • Helpdesk: Customer service is truly important, and we rate highly those bookmakers that realize this. It’s better to have a live chat than just email, but phone line is the best. Provided they answer their phone, that is.
  • Security: Yes, the bookmaker needs to have all the licenses, but the app also needs to be graceful towards your device. And security, it goes without saying, is the prerequisite for us reviewing the app in the first place.

Things to look out for when choosing a betting app in Kenya

So far, we have spoken broadly about apps, but let’s get local a little. These are things you should consider when picking the right app for yourself.

Do remember that you can try out many apps until you find the best one – or just read our reviews and take our word for it.

  • Bonuses and promotions: Look at the number of bonuses and the wagering requirements. Some will be more accessible than others.
  • Registration options: Most of the apps will require registration via mobile phone, but some offer a quick one. In any case, we love to see more options.
  • Promotion emails and SMS: Some customers hesitate to register with their mobile phone because they are afraid the bookie will bother them with incessant messages. Stay clear of those aggressive apps.
  • Payout speed matters: If you win some bets, you will want to get those KSh in your pockets. Best to choose the app with a low minimum amount and a fast withdrawal.
  • Verification can take long…ish: Before you send a request for withdrawal, you will have to verify your account. Is the customer service explaining the process properly? Or you have to walk around in the dark? This really matters.

Of course, once you get the gist of it, you will have your own list of “no-no” features – and those that you will crave.

Best betting apps with cash out in Kenya in 2023

We’d love to give you a straightforward answer what is the best apk, but that is not entirely possible. What we can do is provide a list of pros and cons for each and every one, so that you can find the best app FOR YOU.

This is just a short list of major players in the Kenyan market that we will cover on our website.

Stay tuned for our full honest reviews.

Online betting app Welcome bonus Minimum deposit/withdrawal Cryptocurrencies accepted Android/iOS
Melbet Yes KSH 130/KSH 225 No Yes/Yes
1xBet Yes KSH 600/KSH 225 Yes Yes/Yes
Mozzart Bet No KSH 10/KSH 50 No Yes/Yes
22Bet Yes KSH 10/KSH 10 No Yes/Yes
Betway Yes KSH 10/KSH 100 No Yes/Yes
Betika Yes KSH 100/KSH 300 No Yes/Yes

Get a welcome bonus for the first deposit

Apart from Mozzart, all the other major online betting apps in Kenya will have a welcome bonus for new players. Some, like Betika, will give you KSh 20 just for registering!

In order to claim this bonus, it is usually enough to just register and make your first deposit. You don’t have to invest that much money right from the top, but keep in mind that the deposit bonus usually depends on the amount of that initial amount.

Apart from the welcome bonus, you will be eligible for other various promotions once you sign up and top up your account for the first time. For example, there are rewards for more matches on your bet slip, and you can also receive a bonus just because it is your birthday!

The bonuses and special promotions are what makes a great app, and that is why this particular section will always be very detailed in our reviews. In order to prepare for all the goodies that Kenyan bookmakers might bestow upon you, here is a list of the most prominent promotion types.

Type of bonus Description
Welcome bonus The most popular promotion is always the first one – a customer is usually entitled to a bonus automatically once you make your first deposit. There is always a maximum bonus amount, mind you, so hold your horses.
App bonus In order to promote their apps, bookies might sometimes reward you just for installing the app or making a deposit.
Refund on bets If you make an accumulator, and only one bet in it loses, you will get a percentage of money back. Your stake is usually not refunded if any one of the bets in the accumulator is cancelled or reimbursed.
Refer bonus Some betting platforms will have a referral program, so you can get a bonus whenever your friend signs up and makes a deposit
Kenyan bonus There are some special bonuses reserved for players making payments via the most popular Kenyan methods, like M-Pesa Kenya or Airtel
Multi bonus You can boost your bonus by making an accumulator with more matches on it. For example, Mozzart Bet will boost your winnings by a whooping 750% if you have 40 or more pairs on your bet slip

Wagering bonuses explained: Convert that free bet into real Shillings

Yes, the welcome bonus sounds unmissable, but you still need to be careful not to get too carried away.

Here is why: the bonus money you will receive will always depend on the wagering requirement, or so-called “rollover”. This means that you will have to fulfill certain requirements in order to convert that bonus into real money and use M-Pesa Kenya to transfer it to your account.

Some apps have a low wagering requirement – but that usually implies that the bonus is not too opulent. On the other hand, there are apps with a high wagering requirement – but a hefty reward also.

In general, we like the apps that have reasonable wagering requirements – not too low a reward, not too high a risk. Don’t worry, we will explain in detail every wagering requirement for every app, and use an example in order to paint a clear picture.

It’s not just play through requirements you need to heed, there are also some other stipulations:

  • Time limit: Customers have a certain period of time before their freebet expires. It can be anywhere from 7 days to a whole month.
  • Odds: Some apps will prescribe that a player must play a certain number of matches with a specified total odds minimum in order for a bet slip to count towards rollover.
  • Totality: More often than not, the bonus must be wagered in full – fail to do this, and you will not be able to collect it.
  • Verification: Usually only the players with a verified account and a completed KYC check will be eligible for a bonus.

Unfortunately, there are no bookies offering bonuses with no wagering requirements. We will keep an eye on them – and keep our fingers crossed at the same time!

How to wager in an online betting app

As we mentioned previously, we really appreciate the apps that simplify the process of making a bet. While you do want an abundance of options, it is quite important to be able to place a wager in just a couple of seconds.

If we can say there is one thing that unites the Kenyan bookmakers, it is that they are football-centric. The moment you start the app you will be literally bombarded with the odds for the most important football matches – from English Premier League to Kenya’s KPL.

Once you choose whether you wish to bet on some current matches or make a long-term bet (like the winner of Primera Division or a total number of goals in Bundesliga), you are ready to make your first bet.

With some slight nuances, it should look like this:

  1. Find a match that you like.
  2. Tap the odd or a market (Winner of match, Double Chance, Individual Total, Asian Markets, Goals, Handicaps). The match will be added to your bet slip
  3. If you are betting live, the odds might change in real time. You can choose whether you wish to automatically accept these changes.
  4. Kenyan betting apps usually have the bet slip shown near the bottom of the screen. There you can check out your total odds and a potential winning. Of course, that depends on the amount wagered.
  5. Enter the amount and tap “Bet”. Your bet slip is now finished. Good luck!

Remember, you don’t have to bet on football only. There is nothing better than combining different sports and competitions.

Best online betting app will also let you add the competition to your favourites and personalize the look of the sportsbook.

Register via your betting app

Remember at the beginning of the article how we talked about those romantic days of yore and betting shops? Well, there is another thing that we don’t miss, and it is registration.

Fortunately, instead of visiting an operator and waiting in line just to register, you can do all of that via a betting app – there’s no need to even visit a bookie’s website from your computer!

The signing up process is usually a breeze.

  1. When you download the app and start it, there will be an option to register – provided you haven’t signed up already.
  2. There are some apps in Kenya that will allow you to register with one click and won’t ask you for your mobile phone number. But as a general rule, you will need to have a personal phone number, preferably connected with your M-Pesa.
  3. Enter your phone number and you will receive a verification code (via SMS) that you will need to enter in order to finish the registration.
  4. Please be cautious, as some apps will only offer a welcome bonus during registration. Don’t tap on that “Next” button too fast!

There are some betting platforms, like Betika, that will allow you to register through USSD code, which is also very helpful.

As soon as you sign up, you can login and make your first deposit.

How to verify account

We know the usual remarks of bettors. It goes something like this: the betting platforms will let us deposit money with no questions asked, but as soon as we wish to withdraw our winnings, they will ask for some proof of identity.

This is all true, but don’t blame it on the bookmakers. In fact, they are required by the Kenyan law, as well as international acts, to ask customers to prove their identity, address, as well as the ownership of the payment method. It is all, we’ve been told, for the sake of security.

The companies will usually try to smooth out this process as much as they can, though, so kudos to them.

  1. Usually, you do not have to verify your identity immediately.
  2. You will be prompted to do so when you try to withdraw your money for the first time, but you can also do it beforehand. In the “Settings” of your account there should be a “Know your customer” or “Verification” category.
  3. Some apps will allow you to finish the whole process in live chat with the operator. You will be able to send some proof of identification (like passport) and your certified bank slip.
  4. In any case, the verification should not take more than 24 hours.

Deposit options in betting apps Kenya

The most popular mobile-phone-based financial service in Kenya, and probably in entire Africa, M-Pesa, is a preferred payment method of most of the good betting apps.

But this is far from only way of recharging, as our detailed reviews will show you.

As with every deposit method, M-Pesa has its pros and cons, and if you wish to explore some alternatives, feel free to do so.

Generally, this is how you replenish your account in a Kenyan betting app:

  1. Register and login, and you will see the prominent button labelled “Deposit”.
  2. Tap it and you will see the list of available methods. Best betting apps will provide all the additional information, like the minimum and maximum deposit and the processing time for the transaction.
  3. There are some exceptions, but kindly note that processing costs are usually 0 in the leading betting platforms in Kenya.
  4. Pick your favourite method and another window will pop up, where you will be able to enter the amount.
  5. If you are using M-Pesa, you will just need to confirm the transaction via SMS, and you will see the updated balance in the app in a matter of seconds.

Like we said, these are the most popular payment methods in Kenya.

Name of payment instrument Description Average minimum deposit Betting app that uses this method
M-Pesa The leading payments and micro-financing service in Kenya and Africa. “Pesa” means “Money” in Swahili KSH 100 All of them
Airtel Money M-Pesa’s main competitor, Airtel offers financial services that you can paid via mobile KSH 100 22Bet, Melbet
Credit and debit cards (MasterCard, Visa) Most popular credit and debit cards can sometimes be used for payments to Kenyan bookmakers KSH 200 BetWay
Cryptocurrencies Unlike some other parts of the world, Kenya still hasn’t embraced Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. as much. But that is probably about to change KSH 2,000 1XBet
E-Wallets (Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz) Digital wallets that are very popular with betting platforms everywhere KSH 200 1XBet

How to withdraw money from a betting sports app with cash out

We’ve already covered the verification process, which is a necessary first step towards easily withdrawing your money.

It will not come as a surprise that M-Pesa is a number one option for most of the casinos and bookmakers in Kenya. It gets our vote, too, as the processing time is not too shabby either.

  1. After you’ve verified your account and won some money, you will be able to cash out it to your wallet.
  2. Look for the available methods in the “Banking” or “Withdraw” section of your profile in the app.
  3. The best way is to use M-Pesa, but you are not obliged to do so – more methods will be available.
  4. There are no processing costs charged by most of the withdrawal methods.

These are the best and fastest methods for cash out via a betting app.

Option Average minimum withdrawal amount Average maximum
withdrawal amount
M-Pesa KSH 100 KSH 70,000
USSD Code (Betika) KSH 200 KSH 50,000
Airtel Money KSH 50 /
Skrill KSH 1,000 /
Credit cards KSH 100 KSH 70,000

Guide: Download a sports betting app on Android

Google Play Store is a magnificent marketplace of ideas and applications, but sadly not when it comes to online betting APK.

In recent years, Google has removed some restrictions when it comes to online casinos and apps that facilitate sports betting, but most of the bookmakers will still stay clear of the Android marketplace, and offer alternative means of downloading instead.

This all, mind you, does not mean that the apps they offer are not credible or safe to use – quite on the contrary.

As a general rule, do not download betting apps from Google Play Store unless you are absolutely sure that it’s genuine – and definitely, even if your life depends on it, do NOT download them from any website other than official one.

In any case, you shouldn’t be scared of downloading betting APK for Android, as most of the betting platforms and online casinos will facilitate this process.

We will tell you about specific apps when the time is right, but as a heads-up, here are the usual instructions that will cover 99% of the betting apps in Kenya.

  1. Visit the official mobile website of an online casino or a bookmaker. It’s best to do it using your mobile phone’s browser, like Chrome (Android) or Safari (iOS).
  2. More often than not, there will be a pop-up or a notification telling you about the Android APK for betting. If not, scroll down to the bottom of the page – and there should be a “Mobile applications” shortcut.
  3. Tap the download button and you will receive the APK (installation) file on your phone.
  4. If this is your first time downloading an Android app from somewhere other than Google Play Store, you will need to approve installation from unverified sources in your phone’s settings. This is a mandatory step.
  5. Tap the installation file and the app will start soon, so you can register and login.

In our research, we have found that most of the betting apps in Kenya in 2022 will work with Android 4.1 or later. But for various security reasons and quality-of-life updates, it’s better to have Android 5.0 or newer.

Download an iOS online betting app in Kenya

Kenyan betting companies have finally realized how many Apple users there are in our beautiful country, so most of the apps will be available for devices.

Fortunately, Apple has a lenient policy towards online betting, so most of the time the .ipa file can be obtained from AppStore Kenya.

If that is the case, the download is effortless.

  1. Search for the app in AppStore. But first, just to be sure, visit the official mobile website of a betting company and check if there is an iOS version. Better yet – read all about it on our website.
  2. Good betting developers in Kenya will be among the most popular apps on AppStore. Due diligence dictates that you look for the developer’s name, and check out the ratings of an app.
  3. Tap “Get” or “Install”. That is all there is to it.

If the app is not available on AppStore, you will need to download the .IPA from the official website.

  1. Using your Safari or other browser, visit the official mobile site of a bookmaker or a casino.
  2. Locate the download link – there should probably be a shortcut with the Apple logo.
  3. Add the specific developer to a trusted list in iOS settings.
  4. Run the downloaded .IPA file.

Best casino apps in Kenya with sports betting

We’ve already covered this topic, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate: the best apk in Kenya will also allow you to play a heap of casino games – without the need for an additional or a separate account.

Apart from card games like poker with live dealers, where you can square off with real players from Kenya, you will be able to enjoy various slots by the most illustrious iGaming developers, or try your luck in virtual games like Aviator.

So don’t worry if you are not crazy about sports – this website will also help you find top casino app for Android or iOS, as we will dedicate a special section in every review to it.

Please gamble responsibly

If you haven’t noticed already, we are very passionate about sports betting. It is fun and it is fair – what is there not to like?

But precisely because of our passion, we understand that it can only be fun if you are gambling responsibly.

We like the apps that understand this, too. The ones that do not want to take the skin off the player, but are there to help him when he or she has got a problem.

There are many tips that we have given you so far (and much more to come!) but it is all to no avail if a player develops a problem with gambling.

If you feel that you cannot stop playing, it’s high times you’ve asked for a help. And the best betting apps in Kenya will get you that help – and give you a hand when it comes to setting your own limits.

Where can I download an .apk or .ipa?

It depends on the operating system of your phone. While there are still apps for phones running Windows Mobile or alternative OS, the vast majority of Kenyans are on Android or Apple devices. For the former, you will need to visit the official mobile website of a bookie and follow the instructions, while most of the developers will have iOS .ipa eagerly waiting on the official AppStore Kenya. Make sure you only download apps from trusted sources.

Will I get a bonus?

Yes, though somewhat peculiarly, not all the bookmakers in Kenya will offer a special welcome package. If there is one, you will be eligible for a bonus right upon signing up. We will keep you updated on the amounts and those pesky wagering requirements, so make sure you visit our website often.

Can I make a deposit via betting app using M-Pesa?

Yes, and it will not come as a surprise that M-Pesa is actually a preferred payment method for the strong majority of betting apps in Kenya in 2023. The most popular financial transaction system will allow you to top up your account and start betting in just a few minutes.

Are there any other payment options for betting in Kenya?

Yes. Airtel Money has gained quite a lot of ground, so some of the most popular betting apps will let you use it instead of M-Pesa – or along with it. There are some other options available, like cryptocurrencies or credit cards, but it will depend on a particular bookmaker. We’ll list all the available methods for every app and online casino – including cryptocurrencies.

How to withdraw funds from apps?

To do this, you will need to verify your account first – which includes playing along the KYC (Know Your Customer) standards by providing personal documents and a proof of banking account ownership. Once you’ve done this, you will be able to grab those winnings by using M-Pesa, Airtel Money or some other method.

How are betting apps different from their web versions?

There are many subtle and not so subtle differences. To start with, they will be better designed, but more importantly, much more secure. There is also an added advantage of being able to login faster and make a deposit in just a few seconds.

Can I bet on esports in the apps?

Yes. The popularity of esports has reached Kenyan shores in the past couple of years, and bookmakers took notice. All the favourite games, like Counter-Strike or League of Legends, are there, and they will usually offer the ability to watch those best gamers in the world in live streams.

Can I watch live football in an app?

Yes. The best betting apps in Kenya will have live streams for many sports and competitions – you can watch most of the tennis matches, or even African basketball, this way. This will all help you get better in wagering, and open up a whole new world when it comes to live betting.

Do I need to receive app notifications?

No, but it’s better if you do. A good betting app will allow you to choose what notifications you will get. Apart from following your bet slip or your favourite teams, you may also receive special offers and bonuses, so make sure you don’t miss out.

What is the best betting app with cash out in Kenya?

That’s what we are trying to figure out. The competition is great, and online casinos and betting companies are trying their best to advance their dedicated betting apps. This makes our job more interesting, as we will strive to review every app as it comes out. Of course, you will be the judge and jury: and we are absolutely positive that there is just a right app for your betting needs.